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Native English Copywriting | Translation | Strategy

Engage customers and attract new business with
high-quality English content, translations & content marketing strategy
from a native English copywriter.

What types of content does English Content create?


Improve SEO and demonstrate expertise in your field with a professional blog. Craft creative, reliable information in English that your customers will reach for time and time again.

Social Media Communications

Write and promote your English native content on relevant channels, be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.

Ebooks & White Papers

Convert visitors and new leads into customers with informational and thematically relevant content. Ebooks and white papers should provide high-quality research and solutions.

Podcasts & Videos

Educate customers about products and services or spread internal communications messages with scripted audio-visual content.


Keep visitors on your website with call-to-actions and scannable content that brings value.

PR & Newsletters

Get the message across accurately, credibly and succinctly with press releases, interviews and customer communications.

What clients say about our native English copywriting, translation and marketing service

“English Content is quick to grasp individual brand languages and write unique and interesting text that is always grammatically correct.”

Fashion Accessories Multinational CHARMANT Group

“The content marketing strategy carried out by English Content included measures that have helped our company to gain additional market presence.”

Engineering Consultancy PSC Munich

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SEO skills and native English copywriting

English content writing is not the same as it was ten years ago. Nowadays, as well as being interesting, authentic and credible, digital content should be crafted so that it is search-engine optimized. As a qualified digital marketer with experience in writing English SEO texts, I work with top-of-the-range SEO tools to identify the right keywords. I then develop English text that helps businesses improve their online presence.

I stay up-to-date with SEO practices, as success factors are constantly changing. What is not so important for SEO today might be a must-have tomorrow.

english seo copywriter munich

How does English Content work with clients?

First Query

Please contact me by phone or email with your query. I will respond within 24 hours.


We set up a meeting to discuss your project in more detail. That’s where you provide a brief with the different parameters for your English project, including the number of texts you will need, format, length and personae background.


Based on the final brief, I provide a quote.


We work together. I connect with you where further clarification is required. We set up a deadline for project submission or we work with a step-by-step submission process so that you can assess the quality and make necessary amendments.

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